Parus Foundation, the only foundation in Slovenia awarding scholarships for postgraduate studies of law at the world`s most renowned universities, founded by Attorney at Law Miro Senica in 2006, held a meeting of the Parus Alumni Club at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana on Thursday, February 6, attended by the Dean of Faculty of Ljubljana and other esteemed law professors, sponsors and other supporters. The Parus Foundation has in fourteen years of its activity awarded 37 scholarships for postgraduate studies in commercial law and economic analysis of law.

On Thursday, February 6, a traditional meeting of the Parus Alumni Club was held at the Faculty of Law, attended by scholarship recipients, members of the Parus Foundation bodies and representatives of donors. In addition to the founder of the Parus Foundation, Attorney at Law Miro Senica, and business secretary, Attorney at Law Katarina Mervič, the attendees were also greeted by the Dean of the Faculty of Law, professor Gregor Strban, PhD.

Founded by Attorney at Law Miro Senica the Parus Foundation began to conduct its mission in January 2006, having received approval from the Slovenian Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology. In its charter, the foundation pledged to spend the raised funds to finance postgraduate studies of commercial law and economic analysis of law.

The Parus Foundation scholarship recipients have studied at the world’s most renowned universities, such as the Bucerius Law School in German Hamburg, the School of Law, New York University, King’s College, University of London, London School of Economics, Johann Wolfgang Goethe – University of Frankfurt, Juristische Fakultät der Universitä, Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Vienna Law School and others. All of them successfully completed their studies.