The COVID-19 epidemic has led to many preventive measures taken by the Slovenian government which aim to tackle the spread of the virus as well as to ensure the survival of the Slovenian economy. Due to large amount of measures taken it is becoming increasingly difficult for people and companies to understand all subsequent legal consequences and properly follow up on them. To make people’s lives easier and companies’ businesses more responsive in this difficult times Law Firm Miro Senica and Attorneys has established a unique information point on its web page covering all legal aspects of measures taken, elaborated in a clear, focused and understandable manner.

Experts at Law Firm Miro Senica and Attorneys are aware that companies and individuals in times of crisis relating to the COVID-19 epidemic need more information regarding the effects of preventive measures taken and new upcoming legislation established by the Slovenian government. They have been on the forefront of providing information regarding the legal effects of these measures by using an elaborative social media strategy in a form of video legal briefings which directs clients as well as the general public to seek answers on effects of the newly adopted legislation and preventive measures on a unique information point accessible on our website. As from our experiences life always serves us with more problems than the legislator was able to predict our experts have also taken a closer look at actual scenarios which the newly adopted legislation did not yet consider. The information point has proven to become a very popular tool for analysing the COVID-19 epidemic preventive measures which is why it was recommended to members of various business associations including the American Chamber of Commerce in Slovenia (AmCham Slovenia), French-Slovenian Business Club, Austrian-Slovenian Business Association (SGZ) and others.


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