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A company involved in the supply of goods and services has received an order from a procurement contractor with a value of 38.000 EUR (VAT excluded). Are the provisions of the Public Procurement Act (ZJN-3) applicable to the conclusion of the contract and the potential supply in view of the value of the contract?

In the present case, the provisions of the Public Procurement Act do not apply, since the intervention act has intervened on the field of public procurements of goods and services and stipulated that until November 15, 2020, the Public Procurement Act in the general field would apply only to public procurement contracts, the assessed value of which excluding VAT is equal to or higher than 40.000 EUR for the public supply or service contract or project contest and 80.000 EUR for the public works contract (the general rule in Article 21 of the Public Procurement Law sets these thresholds at 20.000 EUR and 40.000 EUR respectively).

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