Right to freely choose a personal doctor
24. 04. 2023 In cooperation with the Pravna mreža za varstvo demokracije, we have filed legal remedies on behalf of several individuals, aimed at effectively protecting the right to freely choose a personal doctor.

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FinD-INFO days in cooperation with Law Firm Senica and with the support of Andersen
07. 07. 2021 Law Firm Senica in cooperation with publishing house GV Založba and with the support of Andersen, organized the first FinD-INFO days conference in Portorož on 14 and 15 June 2021, at which domestic and foreign experts discussed current issues in the areas of tax, finance, controlling and accounting.
Uroš Čop, the Managing Partner at our law firm, appeared on the television show Dobro Jutro on Slovenia’s national TV
05. 02. 2021 In a conversation with the host, Mojca Mavec, he presented his view on the legal regulation of sexual harassment both from the point of view of criminal offences against sexual inviolability as well as labour law regulation.
Problems with neighbours?
02. 07. 2020 Our colleague Maša Kramar appeared on the television show Dobro jutro, broadcast on channel TV Slovenija 1 on June 30, 2020 and in a conversation with the host of the show Špela Močnik offered her insight into the legal regulation of neighborly disputes.
The courts are fully operating from June 1 onwards
02. 06. 2020 The elimination of emergency measures continues and the operation of state institutions is gradually resuming. In order not to miss a deadline or overlook an important invitation, listen to our colleague Maša Kramar.
Good news for businesses and the self-employed!
04. 05. 2020 Following the entry into force of the new law on providing liquidity to the economy, companies and the self-employed will be able to obtain credit on more favorable terms. Namely, the state will assume a guarantee obligation for credit agreements intended exclusively for the financing of the basic activity of borrowers.
The operation of the courts is gradually returning to normal
29. 04. 2020 The operation of the courts is gradually returning to normal, so we have summarized for you what you need to pay attention to in order not to miss a procedural act or overlook important judicial documents.

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