Corporate/Commercial Dispute Resolution

The success of our experts in resolving complex disputes often exceeds customer expectations. The basis of our success is in our understanding of the needs and business interests of customers and the provision of fast and cost-effective paths to the ultimate goals. Our in-depth knowledge of alternative dispute resolution procedures allows our experts to direct the client to the most optimum way of resolving disputes. Our exceptional negotiating skills were the basis for the realization of the most important settlements in the country which forever changed the image of individual industries. Where legal proceedings cannot be avoided the client is represented by specialized attorneys with extensive experience in courtrooms. Because of our interdisciplinary approach, specialized lawyers and top negotiators, we are hired in complex disputes by domestic companies as well as foreign corporations, financial institutions, state bodies and other important institutions. Whether the dispute takes place behind a negotiating table, in a courtroom or before an international arbitration tribunal, there will always be an expert sitting next to our client with an exceptional success reference list.

We offer services in the following areas:

  • Commercial Litigation & Arbitration 
  • Corporate Litigation & Arbitration 
  • Bankruptcy Litigation
  • Insurance Litigation 
  • Antitrust Litigation 
  • Real Estate Litigation

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