Our experts provide legal advice and representation in the field of environmental litigation. The area of environmental litigation is a rapidly developing field. States and international organisations are adopting ever more complex and stringent rules regarding environmental compliance. The damages that may arise from a breach of environmental laws are often significant and have cross-border effects. The case law of international courts has strongly influenced the development of national case law and legislation, particularly the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Union. These courts are imposing ever stricter obligations and standards on states concerning the protection of the right to a healthy living environment and, in general, are giving a mandatory interpretation of environmental laws largely harmonised in the European Union. With the general trend of increasing awareness of environmental protection and the parallel rise in the standards of related obligations (both of the state and private parties), environmental litigation will become an increasingly important means and tool in the hands of individuals to enforce their rights in relation to environmental protection effectively. On the other hand, those whose activities create the risk of environmental damage or otherwise interfere with the environment will be exposed to ever greater and stricter liability.

We provide services in the following areas:

  • representation in compensation disputes
  • representation in disputes with a popular claim (seeking the removal of a harmful hazard and the protection of the right to a healthy living environment)
  • legal opinions on liability for damages for environmental damage and breach of the right to a healthy living environment.

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